NEVER Post Directly to Social Platforms!

Written byEdwin-Spiessens

October 5, 2020

While I understand the reasoning that startups and micro companies do not want to be bothered with a website for one or a few products, there is a thing or two that you might want to consider.

A few years ago, I was very heavy into Google+
I invested tons of time on there, posting and connecting to our customer base.
As such, over time, we started to generate a significant portion of our total turnover on the platform.
Then Google decided to “roll-it-up”.


Overnight, three-quarters of our business(which we worked on for 2 years!) was folded up.
Gone with the (internet) winds.”


I am not saying that the major player in the field, Facebook, is going to drop the curtain any time soon, but you will never know what changes they have in the pipeline.
You will never know what the board decides tomorow. Whatever they agree upon, how much it should cost to grow your business on THEIR platform.


Besides the above, there is another crucial issue that you need to keep in mind.

Social networks have become global powerhouses.
This, because of the massive amount of content and user interaction on these platforms
So here’s the scenario:
If you are starting your business the hard way (like I did), then your days are too short.
You have to run your business during the day, and the only way to craft your content is by burning a lot of midnight oil.
But you are an entrepreneur. You do what you have to do. No matter how many double shifts it takes.

And then?
What happens next?

Well, then you gladly give it away to a multi-billion giant. So they can do with YOUR hard work whatever they see fit.
Doesn’t make much business sense, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, however, if you have your own website or even just a simple landing page for your single product: Whatever content you publish there is YOURS!

You may leverage the strength of social networks to spread the word, but your content REMAINS YOURS to do with as YOU decide.

As your business grows (or as you grow into your business) it is easy to add a blog to your landing page and start blogging (WordPress is a blog platform after all. )
By doing so, you are all set to start promoting your product or service by providing useful information to your target market.
You would then again use the same system and promote these blog posts via social networking, assuring that YOUR blog posts remain YOUR (intellectual) property.
This simple process is crucial in the long-term planning and security of any online BUSINESS.



”When you feel that your website or online-marketing is costing you money.

You are doing it wrong.”



Edwin Spiessens –

Founder Getset2go Web Agency


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