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From our really affordable One Page GetMobi Websites, all the way to any custom application, and anything in between, we can assist you!

We offer Global Standard web design and top level full service solutions at South African prices.

Going the extra mile is not the exception at Getset2Go, It’s the Standard we live by!



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Getmobi One-Page Website Package

Our Getmobi One-Page Website Package is the most affordable solution to get your own website online at a price that anyone can afford.

WordPress Entry Websites

Our WordPress Entry Websites, a complete CMS starter Solution. We include 3 content pages, and your blog is ready to go. You can further extent your website as with any other WP installation.

WordPress Business Websites

Our WordPress Business Websites, are very similar to the WordPress Entry Websites package. But we include up to 10 content pages, and obviously, your blog is ready to face the World. You can further extent your website as with any other WP installation.

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Joomla Custom Website Package

Our Joomla Custom Website Package is where we start raising the bar. We love Wordpress, but sometimes we need just that tad more of customization. That’s where we first look at Joomla before going completely Custom

Getmobi One-Page Website Package

Getset2Go E-Commerce Website Package We can create a complete E-Commerce solution for you, based on different platforms. Find out more!

Getset2go Custom Web Design

If we can not meet your requirements with any of our “standard ” web design packages, ‘ then we resort to a complete custom design. This is without a doubt a high budget solution, but the results reflect just that. Ask us for a quote.