Shouting never works

What is Inbound Marketing and why is it totally outperforming Outbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? And why, is it totally outperforming Outbound Marketing?

We’ve heard this a few times before: What exactly is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing?

Well, we could make a long technical story of this, with lots of Marketing jargon, and probably at the end of a very boring post, you would still have your doubts.

So, let us rather do this, with a simple, everyday scenario.

Imagine that you have a small shop of Italian luxury shoes in a huge Mall.

To get the attention of the shoppers, you decide to get a Santa Claus type of bell.

Next, you put one of your employees in front of your store, working the bell, and shouting out to all bypassers, how amazing the quality of your shoes is, and how exclusive the designs are, and so on.

And you think this is going to work.

Well, personally, I don’t think so.

In fact, I strongly believe that you are annoying the …. (fill in the dots at your own discretion), out of the majority of bypassers, and most will respond in a way that they’ve heard it all before.

So, “what’s the alternative?” one might ask.

How about this scenario: 

You, or a really knowledgeable employee, stands again outside of your storefront, next to a signboard that reads:

“How to get the best out of your Luxury Italian Shoes?

See how our Leather expert does it, and keep your shoes in top condition! “

No bells, no shouting, but just offering expert advise. No strings attached!

You can rest assured, that people will stop and start asking questions,  instead of going around the bend to not get confronted with your invasive bell marketing strategy.

Not everyone will stop though. But then again, you do not need “most people”. You only need interested people!

And that, dear Reader, is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing:

You don’t just shout at everyone.

You give expert advise, to those who have questions. Because those who have questions, are listening to you!

I will now quickly post a link to this post on Quora with a teaser (my signboard).

On the topic “What is inbound and outbound marketing?”.

Because the people reading this topic are interested in what I have to say.

It’s as simple as that!

Let’s see what happens.

If you drop a message at the bottom of this post, we will keep you posted on the outcome!

Stay blessed, and don’t shout. It doesn’t really work!


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