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A bailout for our people

Written byEdwin-Spiessens

March 23, 2020

A letter to all South Africans,




It is past twelve, that we come to understand the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
While most of us will already understand the direct health implications of the pandemic, there is an even greater threat for our nation that comes along with it

The majority of South Africa is economically very vulnerable, not to flat-out call it subjected to chronic poverty.
Now, the middle class, many of them running small businesses, is entering the same position.
Soon, if not already, MANY small business owners will also be running out of income, and in a matter of weeks, they will have NO cash, no business income whatsoever, and no grant in any form to fall back on for food and necessities.
But it does not stop there. Many of them are also employers, and their downfall will trigger a domino effect across our already strained communities.


If ever there was a time, then now will be the moment of truth.


We need our Government, the wealthy among us, the banks, the high-profit multi-nationals, the supermarket chains, and ANYONE WHO CAN, to step in and step up.

We need to decide if we value money above our fellow South Africans, our children, our elderly, our families, our nation.

Together, they/we need to provide the Supermarkets with the means to keep the food chain running, so that they can supply anyone in need with food and necessities, AND the supermarkets NEED to do this as a ZERO PROFIT effort.
There is no other option. We ALL together have grown these entities to what they are now, trough our patronage. They could not have made it without our people.

Now the time has come to show that business and society work in both directions and put PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT.

If not, our society will not just come to a grinding halt, IT WILL EXPLODE.

The choice is ours.
Money can be replaced over time.
The loss of hundreds of thousands (if not worse) of our people, will leave us deeply scarred for generations to come.

I pray that those who are fortunate enough will consider this carefully.

Depending on our actions now, we will forever rise as one nation,

or we will be devastated like never before.


May you and your loved ones remain safe.

Edwin Spiessens

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